Maesey & Andrew | Wedding

I feel like it was just the other week I was doing engagement photos for these two! I knew from the start that this wedding was going to be beautiful. Down to the very last little detail. I had my work cut out for me that's for sure! 

The wedding took place on Maesey's family property that overlooks the entire city of Sonora. The view was completely breathtaking.

With ten bridesmaids and nine grooms, this makes one of the largest bridal parties I've photographed. And let me tell you, fitting that many people into the frame is not the easiest! Especially when you have a group of rowdy men who are excited to get that party started! haha

Overall I couldnt have asked for a more relaxed day. When we fell behind schedule, Maesey and Andrew were great about making small changes here and there to compensate for lost time. And I was overwhelmed with the amount of love that everyone has for this amazing couple. With 400 guests, its easy to imagine getting lost in the blur of the evening between hundreds of hugs and being stolen away to dance and chat! 

If I could, I would reshoot this wedding over and over again! Enjoy some of my top favorites from the day!