Rachael & Jimmy | Wedding

This was my first time photographing an elopement, and I was really happy with how everything came out! 

Rachael and Jimmy have been together for 10 years, which is a long time if you ask me! After getting engaged, they were planning a huge wedding of about 400 people. It was going to be a giant party! But about a month ago, Rachael contacted me and expressed that they had changed their minds about a big wedding and how they wanted to elope in Kennedy Meadows, CA! I honestly couldn't have been more thrilled for them!

The day began with details and I’ve never been so impressed. From the bouquet that was supplied by Bonny Doon Garden Company, down to her garter, everything was flawless. The girls were getting ready and the room was full of laughter and love as Rachael got ready for the big day. They boys on the other hand were having a good time relaxing at the campground while they waited on the girls.

When it came time for the first look, Rachael became so nervous all of the sudden; and while Jimmy claimed he was calm, you could tell he was excited to see his bride to be! It was amazing to witness the reactions from both of them when they saw each other. Even after 10 years together, the excitement to finally become husband and wife couldn't have been stronger.  

The day was beautiful from start to finish, and I am so blessed to have been apart of Rachael and Jimmy’s special day.