The Wedding Series // Dress Shopping

I am excited to announce that I found my dress! I unfortunately cannot show you all just yet, just incase the fiancee decides to tune in, but I can talk about my experience and share a few other little tidbits of insight I gained during the day! 

Here are a few simple tips for my future brides! 

1. Bring a strapless bra- If you're like me, aka not a lot going on upstairs, you'll know how much you love your pushup strapless bra no matter how old. As a tip, either bring or wear your strapless bra to your appointment to use while trying on dresses. It will help a lot with filling out your dress if you happen to be like me (small B cup). I definitely wanted that extra confidence boost while trying on my wedding dress! 

2. Bring inspiration images - I went through my mass amount of wedding magazines and ripped out all of my inspiration pages to bring along with me. My stylist really loved that I brought them, and she asked what my top 2 picks would be so we had a goal in mind. I knew I wanted to try on a few different styles because this was my first time trying on wedding gowns so you never know! Anything can happen once you try on a certain style you've been eyeing for awhile; you might not even like the way it fits or looks on you! 

3. Bring champagne (if your able) - I was extremely lucky that my bridal shop allowed for me and my girls to have a little champagne. This is a time to celebrate and a glass or two of champagne was definitely needed. However I wasn't able to have as many glasses as my girls did, but thats probably for the best hah! 

4. Have a budget in mind - This is vital. Having a limit on how much your willing to spend total, including your alterations is going to make a huge difference as to which dresses you'll be looking at and trying on. 

5. Go as early as you can - Some might say that I am on top of the game by going so early, but for some of these dresses and designers, you need to order them super early! For example, my dress won't be ready for me until October of this year and I ordered it in May! So between that timeline, and the timeline for the 4 alterations appointments you want to make sure you give yourself ample time for the perfect dress! 

6. Follow your instinct - This is the most important tip of all. I had 2 dresses that I fell in love with, but ultimately I just felt more comfortable, confident, and beautiful in the one I ended up with. So stick to your heart, and don't let your entourage try to lean you one way or the other. This is the dress you will be wearing on the most important day of your life, so go with your gut!